Relevancy & Transparency

Working in unison takes transparency. Everyone needs to have timely access to relevant information to be effective.

With Enlighten you can simultaneously provide strategic transparency to all internal and external stakeholders, while maintaining tactical privacy within the project workstreams.

Enlighten is SOC2 and ISO27001 compliant so you can have peace of mind when sharing data online.

Responsive Planning

Every project faces unique challenges and every workstream performs differently. However, changes to one aspect of a workstream often has the potential to affect work in several others.

Based on the speed of progress, Enlighten helps you manage expectations of completed deliverables from different workstreams, and automatically adjust date impact from one workstream to others when things change. 

With Enlighten you can predict project outcomes with more confidence, instead of relying on wishful end dates.

Scenarios & Wargaming 

With so many variables in motion, life science projects often operate in an environment that is in constant flux. 

Whether its anticipating competitors' actions or changes in an expected regulatory ruling, Enlighten helps you create scenarios that can be activated at a moment's notice.

Enlighten improves your team's response time so you are acting and not reacting when circumstances change.


Each drug that crosses the finish line has lessons to offer, things they got right and others they could've done better.

Enlighten helps you weave together the best practices from a range of past approvals and launches. With a few clicks you can take these aspects of past projects to create a custom plan in minutes and save weeks of work.

With Enlighten, your next project will always be better planned than the ones that came before it.

Personalized Workflow

With so many competing priorities, it's not easy for your team to know exactly what to tackle first on any given day. 

Enlighten helps your team start their mornings right. Each team member has a personalized feed highlighting what's important for them through automatically prioritized tasks and deliverables. 

Accomplishing what matters most every day - comes naturally with Enlighten. 

Meetings Dashboard

Countless hours are spent preparing for and giving status updates in meetings. Teams miss valuable opportunities to use their time together to brainstorm ideas and solve problems.

For all team members, Enlighten summarizes critical elements of the project in one holistic view reflecting real time data.

When your meeting attendees come equally updated with the latest information, you spend less time getting on the same page and more time making decisions and sharing insights. 

Insights &
Best Practices

Most project close-out meetings do little to retain execution knowledge that could be applied to future projects. 

Enlighten allows your team members to dynamically capture insights - as they make progress, encounter challenges, and come up with new solutions. Over time, the most beneficial insights get identified as best practices, contributing to your organizational memory. 

Knowledge endured beyond the length of a single project is key for making every project better than the last.


Maintaining engagement across diverse and remote teams is always hard; and engagement is directly responsible for the quality of execution.

In Enlighten, your team receives feedback and accolades from both peers and senior colleagues in an ongoing and transparent way, which improves engagement.

By publicly recognizing team members for their work, you strengthen your organization's performance-driven culture.