Collaborative Planning. Synchronized Execution.


Launch Excellence

Launching a drug is a defining event for every life science company.

A successful launch secures ongoing leadership for a global biopharma organization and firmly establishes an emerging biotech as a viable commercial enterprise. 

With rising expectations from every approved drug, never before has launching well and on time been as important for staying competitive, as it has become today. 

Your technology choice for supporting your product's launch can ease or exacerbate the labor pains of your team for bringing a new product into the market. 


Launch leaders today have to balance the need to deliver a quality launch - for it impacts their product's trajectory, with the need to launch closer to approval date to make the most of every available revenue day within the product's limited patent life.

The quality and timely launch of your product depends on the quality of actions and decisions of your team members, which are based on the quality of info available to them at any time.

Hunting for the right info across multiple applications: spreadsheets, slides and emails, and in documents stored in arbitrarily organized folders - wastes precious time and hurts decision making. The challenge multiplies with every internal and external team member who joins your launch team - all who need access to the relevant and right info at the right time. 


Enlighten is designed to securely connect all internal and external team members on your launch team, and to push relevant info to the right person at the right time. 

With Enlighten all necessary information about every aspect of your launch is consolidated in one convenient location, so that you and your partners can spend more time taking actions and making decisions.

Enlighten goes beyond connecting the information dots for stakeholders across functions, it inspires and encourages your people to act in the right way and make informed decisions.

Enlighten gets everybody on your team working together in sync as one seamless unit, which leads to timely and high quality launch outcomes.


Simplify The Complex. Make Every Day Count.


Program Management

Creating a new drug takes more than just 10 years and $2.6 Billion.

It takes thousands of actions and decisions of hundreds of people working and learning together, sharing knowledge and collaborating with one other across several teams and locations to achieve a single unified outcome. 

Which is why coordinating actions and communicating decisions of researchers in academia, principal investigators, and clinical sites, with multiple internal departments and external partners - contract research and manufacturing organizations, agencies and consultants, throughout the life of the program — is an extraordinary challenge for most companies.

Breaking information silos, so that the right info reaches the right person at the right time, can give your teams that extra edge for achieving their program's desired objectives.


Although technologies from yesteryears, like the Gantt Chart (c.1917) and MS Project (c.1984) have served teams well in managing project timelines so far, it is not surprising that program leaders today are finding them to be inadequate for keeping up with the current dynamics of decentralized and fast paced drug development environment.

Beyond the challenge of achieving their program’s objectives, antiquated technologies burden today’s leaders with additional workflow challenges that act as a barrier to their success. 

Such as - 

  • With information scattered across documents, folders and drives, teams waste precious time every day searching for relevant information needed for making daily decisions

  • The dependence on static slides for sharing progress updates and knowledge exchange, creates artificial information lags that hinder timely issue identification and resolution

  • Teams need to spend an inordinate amount of time in status update meetings. Missing the opportunity to use their time together to brainstorm ideas and anticipate problems

  • Over reliance on spreadsheets discourages teams to adequately prepare for unforeseen project circumstances, and effectively respond to the constant flux in their environment

  • Exclusive focus on formal documents due to required effort, means that leaders miss out on collating their team's tacit knowledge causing organizational memory loss over time

  • Absence of any technology that facilitates learning from the challenges or successes of similar past projects, stunts the speed of knowledge work, which is crucial to innovation


Enlighten has been designed to assist program leaders in tackling these workflow challenges and for overcoming technology barriers that may hinder them from achieving their objectives.