Every Project Better Than The Last


Productive Work

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Better plans, executed well.

Thoughtful planning, done collaboratively

Relevant information, shared transparently

Challenges & issues, resolved intelligently

Business objectives, achieved passionately


Designed for projects where achieving business outcomes and the quality of execution is more important than just being on time, budget and scope.

From Gantt to Agile, Enlighten stands on the shoulders of giant ideas in the field of project management and makes them relevant for teams of today.

Engaged People

Inspired effort, desired outcomes.

Thoughts that affect action at work -

  • Why should I care about doing this work? What's in it for me?
  • Will this grow my intellect, skills, career, status, and finances?

As humans we are naturally programmed to seek clarity to these core questions. However, most project software is aimed squarely at getting a list of tasks done.


Designed to inform and inspire your team to take the right action, by bringing clarity to what matters - to them, their project and to their organization.

Enlighten goes beyond the mundane to make work meaningful and interesting for every team member.

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Wise Organizations

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Insights today, foresights tomorrow

If we could travel back in time, what would we learn:

  • from successes and challenges of our past selves

  • from colleagues who worked on similar projects

  • from projects in the past that came before ours

Performance assessments are part evaluation of how well we achieved our objectives, and part acknowledgement of who accomplished what and how well.

More importantly, accurate records of past performance are invaluable in informing key decisions of the future.


Designed to gather insights as challenges are identified and issues are resolved, Enlighten keeps a richer record of your projects and people's performance.

So that you and your colleagues can learn from the past, to make every project better than the last.