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Productive Work. Engaged People. Wise Organizations.



Synchronize execution of complex large-scale projects involving several internal cross-functional teams collaborating with multiple external organizations




Be the best-of-breed ecosystem of intelligent Operational Excellence tools for thriving industries




Clients First, Always

We are obsessively focused on the enduring success of our clients. We go out of our way to help clients win!

Team as Family

We are passionate about the personal growth of everyone on our team. We do what’s in their best interest.


We practice proactive communication, sharing information openly, broadly and deliberately.


We treat others as we expect to be treated, with respect, honesty, empathy, and optimism.


Challenging the status quo comes naturally to us. We are always learning and adapting.


We act exactly as promised. We do the right thing even when no one’s watching.


We are artisans at heart and take great pride in the execution of our crafts.


We learn from our mistakes. And, embrace adversity with tenacity.



Together, we simplify the execution of complex work


Andy Mehrotra

Founder & CEO

I study complex work and simplify it for life science organizations. Our clients invest serious time, effort and resources to create and launch innovative life science products. My focus is to provide clients with technology solutions which help them achieve their objectives earlier - without wasting an ounce of effort, or losing a shred of knowledge.

Working with diverse teams to launch HUMIRA® for six indications in over fifty global markets was a capstone experience to my two decades of learning the intricacies of introducing new innovative medicines to market.

Navigating the bench to bedside journey is always a challenge for innovative medicines. However, the life science industry is transforming, and fast. With restricted patient pools due to rigorous clinical trials, rising reimbursement challenges, and shrinking access to target physicians - it has become harder to recover costs. 

Organizational excellence, particularly development efficiency and launch effectiveness are critical to viability today. Unfortunately, the technology for driving these mission-critical workflows has not kept up in recent years. For too long have leaders been shackled by stale information stuck inside multiple applications - from emails, spreadsheets to slides, which adds to their challenge of making decisions and taking actions.

Paul, Sam and I have been creating technology solutions for the life science industry for over a decade now. We understand the challenges of its environment. We designed Enlighten to make information more relevant, timely and accessible - to decision makers, and to all, they rely upon for taking the right actions every day.

I have a Joint Masters in Health, Sciences, and Technology from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard Medical School in Cambridge, USA, and an Executive MBA from AGSM in Sydney, Australia.

My passion: To create solutions which accelerate organizational achievement

My favorite question: How can our clients achieve better outcomes, faster?

Paul Gilbert

Head, Product Engineering

I simplify the complex through algorithms. I make sure that we do the heavy lifting so that our users can get simple answers to complex questions quickly and easily, to drive their desired business outcomes.

Project management technology for large and complex initiatives has not changed much in decades, as a result despite its benefits to everyone on a team; it’s still very much a project manager's cross to bear.

We aim to redefine project management for the benefit of all people who collaborate on a team and need specific answers to align their efforts with their objectives and achieve what matters to them the most.

I met Andy on a project for IMS Health, and Sam a few years later. Andy and I share a passion for questioning traditional thinking and breaking established rules. We enjoy exploring new solutions to old problems, mainly to figure out how information can help people work better together to achieve shared objectives.

I depend on Sam to give meaning to all my algorithms and code calisthenics. Sam’s mastery of anticipating user actions is beautifully matched by his ability to give life to programs in an elegant way!

I have a Double Bachelors in Computer Science from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia.

My passion: To breakdown tough problems until a simple solution emerges

My favorite question: What are our users really trying to solve?

Samson Khisty

Head, Product Design

I simplify the complex through design. I focus on making it easy for our users to get familiar with, and benefit from, the groundbreaking concepts we are continually adding to Enlighten. 

From our early days of starting EightSpokes, it was apparent to me that product design was going to be a real differentiator and adoption driver to win over users - who had long been frustrated with the monotony of using existing enterprise software.

Over the years I have endeavored to ensure that our product team continues to push the envelope with intuitive design and to make the mundane interesting for our users. 

I got to know Paul while working closely on a SaaS CRM software that we were designing in collaboration with Andy, for Abbott. Paul has a unique ability to think about a problem at multiple levels simultaneously, and Andy consistently strives to balance form with function while conceptualizing solutions. 

I enjoy the challenge of merging their thinking through design, which helps to bring out the best in me.

I have a Masters in Computer Science from the Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia.

My passion: To come up with new ways to make our technology more intuitive

My favorite question: Why does it matter to our users? 

Team Moments

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