Business Executives

Make timely decisions, and forecast outcomes with confidence -
Enlighten gives you real-time visibility into your teams’ activities

Features & Benefits

  • Compare and contrast progress in multiple functional workstreams simultaneously

  • Generate presentation slide views from dashboards, management reports and views

  • Build personalized management views via search, advanced filters, and sortable data

  • Review organizational insights and best practices across all past and ongoing projects

  • Keep teams uniformly informed via SamePage, for more dynamic and effective meetings

  • Align cross-functional activities, assignments and documents via Critical Success Factors

  • Access advanced analytics & real time reports to track project Key Performance Indicators

  • Raise your teams' morale and develop talent through dynamic and transparent recognition


Project Leaders

Anticipate risks, solve problems, and help your team achieve their goals -
Enlighten keeps all your stakeholders updated automatically in real-time

Features & Benefits

  • Draw upon past launches, and build plans together to save weeks of work 
  • Receive automatic updates from team members and check-in only when needed
  • Be notified of problems as they arise and proactively resolve important issues first
  • Improve execution accountability to ensure no deliverable falls through the cracks 
  • Optimize projects via Budget Allocation, Resource Leveling, and Scenario Planning
  • Analyze project progress via Gantt view, Critical Path, Buffer Usage, and Burn Charts
  • Automatically adjust date impact from one workstream to others when things change
  • Easily share relevant access to projects with external collaborators on a need to know basis 

Team Members

Spend less time hunting for information and more time on getting things done -
Enlighten helps you accomplish more in less time by prioritizing the important

Features & Benefits

  • Stay on top of assignments and deliverables with a personalized dashboard
  • Get notified daily about priorities, upcoming deadlines, and relevant updates
  • Share and access all project specific documents from multiple sources in one place
  • Always know who is depending on you and who you depend on, when teams change
  • Share progress updates, get help as needed, and stay in sync with peers on deliverables
  • Quickly prepare for a range of meetings with customizable reports driven by your own data
  • Get recognized frequently for contributions, and easily account for accomplishments at year end
  • Contribute insights to help your peers, learn from others, and get feedback to develop your skills