Agile Program Management and Launch Excellence Platform for Biopharmaceutical Companies


From preclinical development to global launch, accelerate the pace of progress for commercializing your pipeline products with Enlighten - world’s first and only intelligent cloud solution for cross-functional team collaboration


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Connect People

Working together is simple when everyone on your cross-functional team is on the same page 

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Connect Knowledge

Achieving business objectives is easy when your team can benefit from each other's knowledge

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Connect Information

Decision making is fast when all the disparate information is in one place - on your fingertip


Communicate. Collaborate. Coordinate.

Seamlessly advance through phases without losing context, as objectives evolve, teams change and partners transition


Program Management

Simplify The Complex. Make Every Day Count.


Launch Excellence

Collaborative Planning. Synchronized Execution.


Everyone becomes more productive with Enlighten


No More: juggling conflicting priorities, searching for relevant emails and documents, waiting for help, and spending hours in update meetings 

 Enlighten is:  "Being more surefooted in decision making"

Enlighten is: "Being more surefooted in decision making"

Business Executives

"I use Enlighten to stay on top of progress on our key deliverables and to determine which of the execution risks need my attention first"  

 Enlighten is:  "Solving project challenges without the stress"

Enlighten is: "Solving project challenges without the stress"

Project Leaders

"I use Enlighten to watch for potential delays and to ensure people get the help they need to address issues and accomplish their tasks on time"

  Enlighten is:   "Getting the important done first every day"

Enlighten is: "Getting the important done first every day"

Team Members

"I use Enlighten to know which tasks are on priority and to access relevant team communication and files I need for getting them done"


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