What to look for when you're selecting business intelligence tools

Effective strategic decisions are informed by access to relevant and timely data. Here are some tips on what to look for in a BI dashboard so you can get the most useful insights.

Yanina Wolfe, a client success manager at EightSpokes, explained that improving KPI tracking is about much more than just providing progress updates. "It's about having the necessary information to make the right decision and to address issues before they spiral out of control," she said. "There are new types of enterprise project collaboration applications emerging that bring together all stakeholders involved in a project across the enterprise, globally, including external partners. These solutions are cloud-based, so they are easily accessible to various users wherever they work." Wolfe believes the key to tracking KPIs and running an effective project efficiently is visibility: "When managers can get an accurate picture of the entire project, they can more easily track key data, and all of the players can better collaborate."

EightSpokes’ New Offering Can Increase Your Organization’s Productivity by Up to 40%

Enlighten is collaboration management designed to facilitate seamless information exchange between cross-functional teams to accelerate drug development and commercialization in life science companies. 

A project management solution, such as Microsoft Project or Oracle Primavera, is typically used by the project manager to create the project plan and then assign tasks to different members of the project team. The project manager keeps track of the team members’ progress, and puts that information into the project management software to create slides and information for business stakeholders. Then the business leaders react to that information and provide feedback to the project manager who uses that to determine what and how things should be done differently. This is the way things get done today—with the project manager sitting in the middle.

What we have created is a project collaboration solution, which means all the team members, the project manager, and the business leaders are simultaneously on the solution. Every team member knows what their prioritized tasks are for the day in one project or across a number of projects. The project manager doesn’t send that information—the system sends it automatically—enabling project managers to divert their efforts to more value-add tasks.

Enterprise Project Collaboration - The starring role it can play in driving down costs of drug development and commercialization

A shift from traditional project management practices, EPC is designed to accelerate drugs to market

Life sciences companies still operate in the dark ages in many ways when it comes to technology. Even as the industry pivots away from blockbusters to develop advanced, specialized medicines (Express Scripts says specialty meds will account for half of all drug spend in 2018), the technology supporting this ground-breaking work is anything but cutting edge. Many organizations are frustrated with this paradox, yet still rely heavily on legacy software to manage the intricacies of drug development and commercialization. Hoping to streamline processes, companies of every size continue to tack on off -the-shelf software to old ERP systems. Instead of simplifying tasks, these multiple and unrelated applications increase the burden and costs while adding confusion that reduces teams’ speed of execution. As a result, incredible inefficiency pervades, delaying the introduction of new therapies to market.

Project management—with a social-media gloss—is offered for pharma new-product launches

The Enlighten platform brings up-to-the-minute workflow practices to pharma projects

Project management software used to be static flowcharts of activities and team responsibilities, updated periodically, and for many business tasks, it remains that way.

But the more modern approach, seen in some customer relationship management (CRM) systems or so-called “human capital management” systems is to put all the members of a project team (including outside collaborators) on a unified platform, with interactions shared among participants, and project status continually updated in near real time.

Those are some of the guiding principles of a new software offering, Enlighten, from EightSpokes, Inc. (Cambridge, MA).

Eight Characteristics of Blockbuster Teams

Ever wonder what does it take to create a blockbuster brand?

You might think it is the scientific breakthrough in the laboratory, encouraging clinical data, or a great commercial strategy. While these are all important ingredients, they alone do not determine the fortunes of your brand. Similarly being the first-to-market — a market shaper or a category creator, also has little impact on how strong your brand ultimately becomes, despite the perceived head start.