EightSpokes named among the most innovative startups!

PM360’s Innovations Issue was established six years ago to serve as a comprehensive guide of the year’s most innovative Companies, Divisions, Startups, Products, Services, and Strategies. PM360 received more than 100 total submissions this year and picked the best in each category.

EightSpokes is among our selections for the most innovative startups of 2017!

In late 2012, Andy Mehrotra, a former commercial excellence leader at Abbott, founded EightSpokes. The company’s vision: To redefine project management and create a new type of project management software designed to enable the highly complex and high-stakes projects in life sciences. The company has established a new category of software called Enterprise Project Collaboration (EPC) and formally launched its cloud-based Enlighten solution market-wide this year.

Enlighten allows companies to more efficiently manage multifaceted, multi-year projects such as new product launches, by connecting people, information, and workflows globally in the cloud. Just as important, it ensures companies retain tacit knowledge so teams can learn from projects and people that came before them, and inspires project leaders to focus on driving business outcomes—not just timelines.

Enlighten brings together all internal and external stakeholders onto a single platform for streamlined communication, coordination, and collaboration. Early adopters, such as Edge Therapeutics, have reported time savings of at least four hours per person a week.