EightSpokes’ New Offering Can Increase Your Organization’s Productivity by Up to 40%

Enlighten is collaboration management designed to facilitate seamless information exchange between cross-functional teams to accelerate drug development and commercialization in life science companies. 

A project management solution, such as Microsoft Project or Oracle Primavera, is typically used by the project manager to create the project plan and then assign tasks to different members of the project team. The project manager keeps track of the team members’ progress, and puts that information into the project management software to create slides and information for business stakeholders. Then the business leaders react to that information and provide feedback to the project manager who uses that to determine what and how things should be done differently. This is the way things get done today—with the project manager sitting in the middle.

What we have created is a project collaboration solution, which means all the team members, the project manager, and the business leaders are simultaneously on the solution. Every team member knows what their prioritized tasks are for the day in one project or across a number of projects. The project manager doesn’t send that information—the system sends it automatically—enabling project managers to divert their efforts to more value-add tasks.