What to look for when you're selecting business intelligence tools

Effective strategic decisions are informed by access to relevant and timely data. Here are some tips on what to look for in a BI dashboard so you can get the most useful insights.

Yanina Wolfe, a client success manager at EightSpokes, explained that improving KPI tracking is about much more than just providing progress updates. "It's about having the necessary information to make the right decision and to address issues before they spiral out of control," she said. "There are new types of enterprise project collaboration applications emerging that bring together all stakeholders involved in a project across the enterprise, globally, including external partners. These solutions are cloud-based, so they are easily accessible to various users wherever they work." Wolfe believes the key to tracking KPIs and running an effective project efficiently is visibility: "When managers can get an accurate picture of the entire project, they can more easily track key data, and all of the players can better collaborate."