Clinical-Stage Biotech Selects Collaborative Enterprise Technology

Justin Zamirowski, Edge Therapeutics’ Senior Director of Operational Excellence, and Andy Mehrotra, CEO of Boston-based cloud software developer EightSpokes, discuss how a new, collaborative approach to managing projects across the enterprise is improving time to market.


Challenged with managing workflows and limited organizational resources, our company lacked sufficient technology to support operational processes and provide transparency into team interactions.  As a result, business leaders could not visualize their programs’ statuses in a timely fashion and proactively make decisions on important activities. 

With an increased focus on pricing and mounting regulatory scrutiny, today’s life sciences companies are under intense pressure to drive down costs while speeding time to market. Joining the company to lead the critical late-stage development, pre-launch preparation and commercialization planning for its drug innovations, I recognized the need to establish an agile workflow management approach for precise commercial execution, not only for a successful global product launch but for sustained long-term growth of the organization. 

While not pinned down by legacy systems and incompatible applications like many pharmaceutical organizations, Edge still needed to establish a system of record that managed its processes across the organization. I wanted a work management solution that offered visibility into work activities so team members could prioritize and make better decisions that supported corporate objectives. I also wanted a cost-effective and flexible solution that supported alignment, teamwork, and improved decision-making. An enterprise project collaboration platform provides a crucial bridge to connect stakeholders seamlessly and transparency so we can spot issues before they cause delays.