New Enterprise Project Collaboration (EPC) Solution Radically Increases Productivity in Life Sciences

EightSpokes launches groundbreaking software to increase productivity of cross-functional project teams by 20 to 40% throughout the lifecycle of drug development and commercialization

CAMBRIDGE, MA – April 25, 2017EightSpokes introduces Enlighten, the world’s first Enterprise Project Collaboration (EPC) application designed to improve the workflows of complex projects in life sciences. Utilizing contemporary social technologies to solve the longstanding problem of poor project outcomes caused by information silos, Enlighten is a groundbreaking collaboration software designed to facilitate seamless information exchange between cross-functional teams to accelerate drug development and commercialization in life science companies. Cloud-based Enlighten brings together internal and external stakeholders onto a single platform for streamlined communication, coordination, and collaboration. Early adopter Edge Therapeutics reports time savings of at least four hours per person per week, striking today when new launches are averaging delays of 45 days or more.

Enlighten’s early adopters include Gilead Sciences, Daiichi-Sankyo, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Intarcia Therapeutics, Agios, AgNovos Healthcare, Edge Therapeutics, Paratek Pharmaceuticals, and Momenta Pharmaceuticals.

Every week knowledge workers spend countless hours sifting through emails, searching for relevant documents, preparing customized spreadsheets and slides for stakeholders, and attending scores of meetings, which leaves them with limited time to prioritize work at hand and focus on completing actual deliverables. Consequently, teams are often under considerable stress to achieve quality outcomes within stipulated timeframes.

“With an increased focus on pricing and mounting regulatory scrutiny, today’s life science companies are under intense pressure to drive down costs while speeding time to market. Enlighten provides a centralized foundation to enable both,” said Justin Zamirowski, Edge Therapeutics’ Senior Director of Operational Excellence. “Enlighten’s novel approach to Enterprise Project Collaboration provides a crucial bridge to connect stakeholders seamlessly, and raises overall accountability and transparency, so that we can spot issues before they cause delays.”

As life science companies move towards more personalized and targeted therapies, they have limited patient populations and patent lifetimes to recover hefty investments. From preclinical to commercialization, bringing a new drug to market takes significant resources and years of collaborative work by many individual contributors and stakeholders, among internal cross-functional teams and external business partners. In such a highly interdependent environment, efficient and effective collaboration is crucial. However, these organizations are saddled by legacy systems and incompatible applications. Systems can’t talk to each other, creating siloes, hampering collaboration, and hindering visibility. Management can miss opportunities to gain valuable insights for addressing concerns proactively or pivoting to conserve resources or avoid missteps. Ultimately, the result is delays that represent millions of dollars in lost revenue opportunity.

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“Enlighten is not your father’s project management software, rather it is work management software that provides an automated way to sequence daily priorities for all involved and interact with various team members in a focused way based on relevance and importance,” continued Zamirowski. “It’s a game changer, potentially saving midsize to large organizations 20 hours per person a week.”

Enlighten simplifies complex processes while reducing the uncertainty of product development and commercialization by seamlessly connecting workflows across teams, external collaborators, and business partners. By reducing the friction of information exchange, Enlighten ensures that everybody in and around the team is aligned and in sync.

The new EPC solution also provides personalized dashboards to inform team leaders about progress, problems, and actions being taken on the ground for deliverables individually relevant to them. Business Executives can instantly drill down to understand issues and review pertinent information across all their projects in real time, which informs timely decision making throughout the organization (not in hindsight when it’s too late to take any action). 

“Enlighten is the best collaboration platform for life sciences,” said Eduardo Schur, managing director, life sciences at Navigant Consulting. “It increases project performance, enhances communication, and automatically prioritizes actions to optimally execute global product launches.”

Enlighten is now available, just months after the company raised an additional round of funding.

“My experience of facilitating the work of teams during the global launch of HUMIRA® made me realize that product success is not born accidentally in a laboratory. It’s the deliberate consequence of concerted effort by a diverse group of inspired people, all working in unison throughout the product’s journey, from the bench to the bedside,” said Andy Mehrotra, CEO and founder of EightSpokes. “Enlighten enables teams to become masters at communicating, coordinating, and collaborating. I’m proud to introduce it, first, to an industry working to improve patients’ lives.”


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Founded by CEO Andy Mehrotra, EightSpokes is headquartered in the heart of thriving pharmaceutical and biotech region of Cambridge, MA. The company’s flagship solution, Enlighten, is the world’s first Enterprise Project Collaboration (EPC) software for the global life sciences industry. Committed to innovation, product excellence, and customer success, EightSpokes has a diverse base of customers ranging from the world's largest pharma companies to emerging biotechs who are presently using Enlighten for Launch Management, Program Management and Alliance Management.

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